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Emily Carriere

Emily Carriere was born 1987 in Timmins, Ontario. She was raised in Kapuskasing, Ontario and moved to Toronto to attend University of Toronto's Art and Art History program. She creates cut out vinyl and acrylic artworks. Her process allows the work to reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. The results are abstract images which can be interpreted an endless variety of ways depending on the viewers experiences, memories, and histories. Emily currently lives in Toronto where she works as an artist.


Who is looking at this artwork? What do they see? How is it different from what you or I see? How is it the same? The viewer plays a pivotal role in my work, as they are an ever-changing body that brings countless histories and ideas to the table. This is a very exciting notion to me. The work can be interpreted in an infinite variety of ways. I am interested in these unique interpretations and how they can speak to an individual’s experiences, memories and history. What is seen in the work reveals a part of who the viewer is. What the viewer has seen, where they are from, what they have experienced, all that has brought them to this point influences how they experience the work. At the same time, endless variations of interpretations all speak to art as a universally understood language. This language of art strives to go beyond the individual & speaks to humanity as a whole.


The process of my work is as equally important as the content. I let the work reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. I am always reworking and transitioning the work over time until it grows. Not only does the work grow, it also decomposes through this process. This continuously reprocessing, reworking, reimagining means the work is never complete. The pieces of art become a part of an ever-changing and growing body of work.


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